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Culinary Fusion between Peru and Japan

Imperial welcomes you to its world of Nikkei, a fusion food with worldwide success

But what does Nikkei mean? The word Nikkei comes from the word nikkeijin which means a person of Japanese lineage.
Peru and Japan are opposite each other, separated by the Pacific Ocean, so there were many similarities in their respective cuisines. A fusion was therefore inevitable.

Inventive, tasty and spicy, our Nikkei cuisine seduces more and more gourmets every day.

Connaissez vous la cuisine Nikkei ?
Are you familiar with Nikkei cuisine?
We will be happy to introduce you to our world.

Culinary Fusion between Peru and Japan

Several possibilities at the same place

Imperial Nikkei to discover a refined cuisine with a varied mix of styles.

Imperial Lounge to have a drink with friends, sip a cocktail after a long day’s work, take your digestif in a new space.

Imperial Terrasse will welcome you in its green setting in the summer.

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Inventive Cuisine


Tasty food


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